The Relocating Rates from Gurgaon to Cochin

The relocation of household goods from Gurgaon to Cochin is a tangle and challenging task for individuals who want to shift themselves without the help of professional packers and movers. But for smooth and safe shifting of your household goods, you have to take the help of an expert and experienced professional packers and movers. The selection of one reliable and genuine professional moving company is also challenging work. You go through the site of the various shifting companies and read the review of the customers. Search and inquire about all the legal documents of the company and the working staff. Also, check the identity of the packers team of packers and movers so that later on, you may be able to search out the individual who is answerable for the lapses. Agarwal packers and movers are the oldest and have vast experience in packing and moving. We provide reasonable rates moving service to our customers from Gurgaon to Cochin.

The relocating distance from Gurgaon city to Cochin is approx 2716 km by the shortest route via Sidhrawali, Bawal, Hamjapur, Sherpur, Jainpurwas, Kotputli, Pragpura, Achrol, Jaipur, Chandlai, Kothun, Gunsi, Niwai, Allapura, Uniara, Nainwa, Jajawar, Bundi Ka Gothra, Dhakni, Diken, Newad, Neemuch, Changeri, Bhunyakhedi, Mandsaur, Namli, Ghatla, Ratlam, Satrunda, Satrati, Thikri, Gawadi, Bhardu, Dabapimpri, Waghali, Bodhare, Daulatabad, Wadigodri, Malapuri, Beed, Solapur, Vijaypura, Tumakuru, Thrissur, and the other route via Hodal Rural, Vrindavan, Mathura, Agra, Dholpur, Bamor, Dabra, Datia, Karera, Shivpuri, Badarwas, Kumbhraj, Biaora, Pachore, Shujalpur, Ashta, Punasa, Khandwa, Chikhli, Jalna, Ambad, Mahakala, Malapuri, Terkheda, Solapur, Mandrup, Vijayapura, Mangoli, Sitimani, Hungund, Kudligi, Mathainahatty, Sira, Tumakuru, Kunigal, Bannari, Karamadai, is approx 2733 km. The relocating rates list of various kinds of items from Gurgaon to Cochin gives in the following lines.

The relocating rates from Gurgaon to Cochin of one BHK, 7 to 9 ft truck are Rs 25630 to Rs 28470, and the rates along with car and bike are Rs 35590 to Rs 39260. The rates of two BHK, 9 to 12 ft trucks are Rs 35570 to Rs 38840, and along with the car and bike rates are Rs 45540 to Rs 48370. The relocating rates of three BHK, 12 to 16 ft trucks are Rs 42650 to Rs 47920, and the rates along with the care and bike are Rs 54790 to Rs 58450. The relocating rates of four BHK, 16 to 19 ft trucks are Rs 51480 to Rs 55630, and the bike and car rates are Rs 64480 to Rs 67930. The medium office moving price is Rs 83460 to Rs 88270. The rates of other items like household goods, showroom items, commercial goods, pets relocating, plants shifting, car moving, bike shifting depending on the shape, weight, distance, and size.

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