The Relocating Rates from Gurgaon to Chennai

It would not be wrong to say that relocating from one city to another and one place to another is a stressful, daunting, complicated, time-consuming, bruising event in the life of the person who wants to shift their household goods. So your shifting of any kinds of goods from Gurgaon to Chennai can be a stressful, daunting, and bruising event for you. You can make it an easy and hassle-free move by hiring professional and expert packers and movers who will be the best aid in your smooth shifting of household goods. You can make your move less bruising and stressful by employing the best shifting crew to handle your move. If you want to shift your household goods from Gurgaon to Chennai, then Agarwal packers and movers are the best option, and you will get multiple benefits. You have not to repudiate your precious time for arranging complicated and tedious shifting work. You may be able to spend the free time with your family members because our expert staff has taken all the work into their safe hands.

The relocating distance from Gurgaon city to Chennai is approx 2294 km by the shortest way via Palwal, Hodal Rural, Kosi Kalan, Chhata Rural, Vrindavan, Farah, Kheragarh, Saipau, Dholpur, Morena, Bamor, Gwalior, Dabra, Datia, Burha, Jhansi, Prithvipur, Digoda, Bandhiya, Matauli, Ghuwara, Dalipur, Buxwaha, Damoh, Jhalon, Bagdari, Tendukheda, Patan, Raksha, Jabalpur, Dhuma, Seoni, Mansar, Nagpur, Butibori, Hinganghat, Mandavi, Jainad, Adilabad, Lingapur, Velgatur, Karimnagar, Ongole, and the other way via Neemrana, Hamjapur, Jainpurwas, Kotputli, Paota, Antela, Shahpura, Chandwaji, Achrol, Jaipur, Kothum, Tonk, Uniara, Nainwa, Hindoli, Talera, Kota, Jhalawar, Ghatoli, Biaora, Narsinghgarh, Bhopal, Itarsi, Bhoura, Multai, Warud, Kalamb, Adilabad, Utnur, Karimnagar, Arvapally, Nadikudi, Ulavapadu, is approx 2380 km. The relocating rates list of several kinds of goods from Gurgaon to Chennai gives in the following lines.

The relocating rates from Gurgaon to Chennai of one BHK, 7 to 9 ft truck are Rs 22280 to Rs 25450, and along with car and bike are Rs 32640 to Rs 36720. The rates of two BHK, 9 to 12 ft trucks are Rs 32890 to Rs 35780, and along with bike and car are Rs 42650 to Rs 45470. The shifting rates of three BHK, 12 to 16 ft trucks are Rs 39840 to Rs 44510, and the rates along with the bike and car are Rs 51340 to Rs 55670. The four BHK, 16 to 19 ft truck rates are Rs 48380 to Rs 52290, and along with the bike and car, rates are Rs 61350 to Rs 64740. The medium office shifting cost is Rs 79670 to Rs 85630. The rates of other things like showrooms, commercial goods, bike moving, car shifting, shopping malls, plant shifting depending on the distance and weight of the items, and other factors.

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