The Relocating Rates from Cochin to Noida

Relocating household goods and other kinds of goods is stressful and bruising work. You have to plan your entire process of shifting well in advance. There is the chance of extra expenditure without the proper planning of the movement of your household goods. You may forget the items behind without packing and damaging the fragile items. You may get caught by the fraud company. So you keep away from the fake and fraud-moving companies by checking their fundamentals. You should check essential documents of the moving company likewise license, permit to carry the goods, identification of the working staff. So that you can claim the deficiency occurs later on, if any. Check the rates of shifting with hidden charges by the shifting company. Bind the fix and final amount from Cochin to Noida by negotiating with the company.

The distance of shifting of various luggage from Cochin to Noida is approx 2740 km by the shortest route via Hosapete, Nidgundi, Mangoli, Vijayapura, Tidagundi, Horti, Zalki, Dhulked, Mandrup, Solapur, Tamalwadi, Tuljapur, Osmanabad, Shingoli, Terkheda, Washi, Manjarsumbha, Beed, Malapuri, Talewadi, Georai, Mahakala, Ambed, Jalna, Deulgaon Mahi, Mera Khurd, Chikhli, Amdapur, Khamgaon, Khandwa, Kannod, Talen, Guna, Sitapur, Gwalior, Dholpur, Saipau, Kheragarh, Mathura, Palwal, and another route via Hungund, Nidgundi, Dhulked, Tamalwadi, Washi, Chousala, Malapuri, Pachod, Aurangabad, Khuldabad, Kajgaon, Gudhe, Parola, Amalner, Jalod, Palasner, Julwania, Thikri, Dhamnod, Bagri, Dhar, Kanvan, Ratlam, Namli, Jaora, Dhodar, Mandsaur, Neemuch, Ulera, Uniara, Tonk, Gunsi, Chaksu, Jaipur, Achrol, Antela, Bawal, Bhiwadi, Gurgaon, is approx 2757 km. The relocating rates list of several types of items from Cochin to Noida gives in the following lines.

The relocating prices from Cochin to Noida of one BHK, 7 to 9 ft truck are Rs 25560 to Rs 28290, and along with car are Rs 35350 to Rs 39720. The rates of two BHK, 9 to 12 ft trucks are Rs 35370 to Rs 38650, and along with the bike and car is Rs 45730 to Rs 48410. The relocating rates of three BHK, 12 to 16 ft trucks are Rs 42630 to Rs 47840, and the rates along with the car and bike are Rs 54870 to Rs 58640. The four BHK, 16 to 19 ft truck rates are Rs 51910 to Rs 55390, and with the bike and car are Rs 64350 to Rs 67270. The medium office relocating rates is Rs 83290 to Rs 88750. The rates of other goods like household goods, showroom, commercial goods, plant shifting, car shifting, pets moving, IT equipment moving depending on the shape, size, weight, and distance.

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Agarwal Packers and Movers Cochin

Shifting SizeTruck Chargeswith Car / Bike Transport
1 BHK7 to 9 ftRs. 25560 to 28290Rs. 35350 to 39720
2 BHK9 to 12 ftRs. 35370 to 38650Rs. 45730 to 48410
3 BHK12 to 16 ftRs. 42630 to 47840Rs. 54870 to 58640
4 BHK16 to 19 ftRs. 51910 to 55390Rs. 64350 to 67270
Medium OfficeRs. 83290 to 88750

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